I kindly ask that my donation be presented to me at the very beginning of our date. Please enclose my donation in an unsealed envelope. If we meet in public, kindly hand me the envelope inside a greeting card or gift bag. If we meet at your outcall location, please place the envelope on the bathroom counter in advance of my arrival.


I put great care into maintaining impeccable hygiene, and I expect you do the same.  Don't have time to brush your teeth and take a shower before our meeting? No problem, I carry a spare toothbrush and would be happy to draw you a hot bath!

Please feel free to reach out and stay in touch! I use my email exclusively, and I do not text or call clients. That being said, I try to approach emails like text messages (i.e. I try to answer them as quickly as possible, and I don't mind if emails I receive are in proper business format!). You can reach me any time of the day or night at